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Four-Leaf Foundations

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Site Clover provides a variety of web design, development and marketing services, and support you to grow your business online. These are the Four-Leaf Foundations: Design, Development, Marketing & Support.



Site Clover will create a captivating website design that reflects your brand & personality


In need of a fresh look or want some new features? We will redesign your website to fit your new needs and desires


We can create logos, define your brand’s style and colour scheme, and produce branding for your website and social media



For online shopping experiences, we create your online store and get you ready to receive payments

Membership Sites

We can create your membership site with registration & login, and members-only access areas


For business directories and membership sites, we can create your directory with searching & filters


If you run events or competitions, we can create an event management system to help you take bookings and entries

Portfolios & Galleries

We can create portfolio sites for artists, designers, or art galleries to display their creative works

Classifieds and more

Real estate listings, advertisements, travel sites, recipes or reviews – get in touch to see what we can do for you


Brand Identity

We can create logos, define your brand’s style and colour scheme, and produce branding for your website and social media

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your SEO is taken care of with full schema support, title and meta descriptions, site crawls, scans and more

Social Media Marketing

We will assist in setting up and maintaining your social media profiles, and building a content-calendar and plan

Content Strategy

Site Clover will work with you to create a comprehensive content strategy plan that will drive your key business objectives

Email & Newsletter Marketing

We can help you design email templates, create leads to establish a growing customer list, and plan your newsletters

Advertising Campaigns

If you want to invest in advertising campaigns to broaden your customer base or brand awareness, we can help!



We provide Hosting, with the following Support services included with any website that is hosted by us

Updates & Backups

Site Clover monitors and tests website updates, and performs full website backups every 24 hours


Our security includes weekly malware scans, audit logging, IP Lockout, login masking, and more


Site Clover improves your website performance with full-page and browser cache, and file and image compression


We present you with easy-to-interpret analytics right on your Dashboard, as well as the option to generate custom reports

Technical Support

If you need any help, feel free to get in touch! We extend our personal support to you whenever you need assistance

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